Why Join ? – ( just one reason )

You make just over $100 commission for each sale !!

Is the SMS Marketing Secrets affiliate program free to join ?

Yes, the SMS Marketing Secrets affiliate program is absolutely free to join with Clickbank.

How and when do I get paid ?

ClickBank pay periods end at 12:00:01am Pacific time on the 1st and 16th of each month.
Clickbank will then mail you your earnings in the form of a check, or direct deposit into your bank account can be arranged.
More Payment FAQ’s can be found here: http://www.clickbank.com/accounting.html

What is ClickBank ?

ClickBank is one of the Internet’s most trusted third party payment processor. They process the payments (and refunds) made by customers and pay out affiliate commissions where due.
They are highly secure and provide a fraud resistant environment for e-commence transactions.

Getting Started – Where do I sign up for a ClickBank Account ?

To promote SMS Marketing Secrets you must first create an account and nickname with ClickBank.
ClickBank tracks traffic, handles all customer transactions and pays affiliate commissions.

Sign up here for a ClickBank account: http://www.clickbank.com/accountSignup.htm?reseller=sms2012

Once you have set up your ClickBank Nickname you can create and add your unique affiliate link to your website or Pay Per Click campaign.

How To Create Your Affiliate Link

To track clicks from your website, blog or advertising campaign, generate your affiliate hoplink with ClickBank via the hoplink generator.

How are the sales and earnings I make tracked ?

ClickBank automatically tracks clicks, sales and calculates commissions owed to each affiliate.
You can view these statistics in almost real-time by signing into your ClickBank account.

How do I know if my affiliate hoplink is tracking correctly ?

To test that your affiliate link is tracking correctly please perform the following test:
Paste your unique affiliate URL (that your visitors click on) into a web browser address bar.
On the page, click on the “Add To Cart” button, and this takes you to the ClickBank Secure Payment Form.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see [affiliate=YOUR CLICKBANK NICKNAME]

If this is the case, your affiliate hoplink is tracking correctly and you will receive commissions on products purchased through this link.

If this not the case please open a new browser window and repeat the test.

If you are still having trouble please contact us, remembering to provide us with you ClickBank Nickname so we can test it, and if necessary, we can create your unique affiliate URL for you.

What is the commission percentage affiliates receive for each sale ?

SMS Marketing Secrets pay out 56% per sale.

Why 56% ?

56% means you will receive just over $100 for each sale you make.

( This amount is calculated on the amount remaining after ClickBank has taken it’s processing fee of 7.5% plus $1 )


Here are some Banner Ads for you to use:
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banner (468x60)


large rectangle (336x280)


leaderboard (728x90)


medium rectangle (300x250)


skyscraper (120x600)


small square (200x200)


square (250x250)


wide skyscraper (160x600)


Here are some Product Images for you to use:
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